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Research & Design

Our clinical approach to Research and Design will give you a clear picture of who you're up against and how you can get a step ahead of the competition. Our innovative ideas and intuitive design thinking strategies will put your product idea on the fast track to commercial success.

View our Research and Design Process below.


The first step for any new product development. Our experienced team conducts primary and secondary market research to construct ideal customer profiles for you. We identify your target market and ensure you understand it as well as we do.

User Experience

We dig below the surface of your target market, to understand the emotions and attitudes that drive your customers' behaviour and preferences. By exploring the user experience, we identify opportunities to offer value to your target market.

Idea Generation

We like to keep you involved in the creative process. Together, we look at the problem from every possible angle to evaluate your existing ideas and generate new alternatives. Our product inventors combine creativity with engineering expertise to explore innovative ways to solve the problem we’ve identified.

Concept Development

We understand that it doesn’t end with one idea. Once again, we explore the market to develop your product's Unique Selling Proposition. Your ideas are then funnelled into sketches and low fidelity prototypes to better understand the concept.

Research and Design Process

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