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Who We Are

At Inventor we drive innovation by understanding ideas, turning them into prototypes and from those prototypes, we deliver ideas to the market place.

We are a team of engineers and product developers who can help you develop ideas and inventions or redesign existing ideas and processes so that they run more efficiently and lower your costs. We will become your product manager to ensure quality control of your product manufacturing, assist with factory sourcing and commercialise your product to be market-ready with our successful product management strategy. 

If you want to design, engineer or manufacture your product - our team can help you make the right decisions and connections. 

What We Do

At Inventor, our processes are tailored to suit your specific needs. 

We can assess and improve your existing manufacturing processes. We have developed and sourced components at improved cost margins for clients, whether for an initial product development phase or the redesigning of an existing product or process.

In three years, we've completed over 70 jobs and counting and we get it done by understanding our clients, their ideas or products, their needs and requirements.

You can utilise one or all of our services, whichever suits your business need or requirement.


Research & Design



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Product Manufacturing

Customer Stories

See our projects come to life

Join Companies Already Seeing Success After Working With Inventor

Inventor have been invaluable to our product development. From the initial design to several prototypes and dealing with manufacturing, we couldn't have done this project without their help. 


We came to Inventor with the vision to create a revolutionary product to help drastically in reducing the time and manpower taken to install weatherboards. After the exceptional work done by Inventor, we now have a product that works better than we ever imagined, and most importantly, it's selling really well. We're sure that without their help, the process would've been almost impossible; between dealing with manufacturers and organising logistics, it was great to leave the headaches with them.


We would highly recommend them for any product development project. Their expertise really paid off for us. Thanks Inventor!

Andrew Edwards

I sought the guidance of Inventor to help develop my basic prototype into a marketable product - the Bondi Bar. There were a lot of complexities and headaches that I didn't foresee, but Inventor was there every step of the way to help me through them and delivered a product that far exceeded my expectations.


From product development to coordinating all manufacturing, Inventor was able to help me with everything. I can't recommend them enough for anyone who has a product idea, but doesn't have the means to do it all on their own.

Josh Fogarty
Bondi Bar

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