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Lyster Surfcraft

The son of a cabinet maker and a classical singer, Duncan Lyster is a recent graduate in physics from the University of Exeter. He found his passion for crafting wooden surfboards at university and quickly devoted his time to research and development of his designs. He spent a year surfing and studying in NSW, Australia and decided to start working on Lyster Surfcraft full time after the final stretch of his master's degree. Always in search of the next thing his experiments have gone from folding surfboards to explanetary astrophysics but he thinks he's settled here for now.


How can you create a lightweight, high performance, eco-friendly and sustainable surfboard?


The boards interior is comprised of corrugated wood, which has immense compressive strength - at just over 1mm thick, each component weighs only a few grams.


Lyster Surfcraft has created a completely EPS free, paulownia wooden board - which is a delight to surf. Fusing aircraft technology designed for titanium and carbon fiber - Rewriting the rules of surfboard construction, providing unparalleled support for the user.

Crafted from corrugated wood, free from EPS foam;

Lightweight and durable;

Environmentally friendly.

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