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Coffee Automation


How do you automate a full coffee roaster without disrupting production? Could it be possible to create custom components to suit the client's working process and where possible include old, legacy machinery? Together we created an automated method by which he could load his roasting bags.


We researched and understood the existing coffee roasting process to better design a solution. During testing automated solutions, we prevented disruption of production by managing the assessing risk before and during the project and inserting the contingencies where needed.

The process involved:

  • Designing the layout of the facility;

  • Refurbishing a 1960s 20 kg Probat;

  • Designing and building a new destoner;

  • Automation of loading and packaging of beans;



The automated system greatly reduced the manufacturing process, drastically improved quality control and eliminated miscellaneous errors due to fatigue. This scalable solution lends itself to being rolled out to other industrial coffee roasters.

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