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Knock n' Tamp 

Our client was a coffee shop owner and barista who had experienced elbow problems after 20 years in the industry. The standard bench gives baristas of differing height OH&S issues. 



We needed to solve an existing OH&S issue in the workplace by redesigning an essential piece of equipment. The new design would require both the design and then testing of those new components. As part of our process we first created a 3D print design to test before manufacturing. We identified and spoke to healthcare professionals to ensure the new design to going to resolve the OH&S issues.


We produced an adjustable knock tube so that the portafilters can be combined, with a tamp mat into one knock tube. The result was therefore one product that will allow baristas to set the height to suit their personal preference. The end of day disposal of the grinds was made much easier by the creation of a release mechanism so that they could be removed in a sole visit to the trash at the end of the day.


With a combination of ingenuity, design and knowledge, Inventor worked with the barista to help produce a revolutionary product. The difference is in the details, and without a doubt the Knock n Tamp offers a massive improvement for baristas in the industry. To date, over 1000 Knock 'n Tamps have been produced.

The Knock and Tamp design features an adjustable height to cater for a range of male and female heights, a footrest that can be stored, portafilter rest, and a knock bar that stabilises the portafilter so that it can be tampered.


  • Tamper - The Portafilter is kept stable enough so that the user can apply enough pressure in the most comfortable downward direction possible.

  • Footrest is used to stablise knock tube while tampering. When tube can support itself or is not in use it can be stored upright.

  • Pull drawer outward to open cavity and empty waste.

  • Adjustable -The ability for adjust-ability caters for the vast height differences in its users. Having an adjustable height relieves the current issues of RSI injuries.

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