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Inventor's Consulting Service

A personalised consulting service that is focused on results and outcomes.

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How Inventor Can Help You See Results With Your Product Development

Inventor’s Managing Director, Manny Sandler offers a personalised consulting service for any client who requires assistance with any aspect of their product development.

Are you struggling with developing a solid product strategy? Are you finding product management overwhelming or confusing? Have you had issues with quality control (QC) on your product? Have you had troubles communicating with and/or sourcing local or overseas factories? Are you having commercialisation issues?

The product development process can feel very intimidating, both for individuals and businesses. Manny can help you simplify and streamline the process to give your product the best chance at success. Manny has helped countless clients by developing successful product strategies, managing products effectively, sourcing factories and performing quality control both locally and internationally, assisting with commercialisation and more. Whatever issues you’re facing developing your product, he has the knowledge and experience to lighten the load and let you focus on developing your product the way you want it.

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The Experience & Background of Inventor’s Managing Director

Managing Director and Founder of Inventor, Manny Sandler, graduated University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and prior to founding the company, he worked in both Medical and Automotive fields. During this time, Manny gained a wealth of knowledge and connections that would later prove invaluable for helping clients in developing and manufacturing their products.

Manny has successfully implemented and modified strategies and process regarding product innovation, commercialisation, quality control, manufacturing and reshaped project deliveries for a range of clients. From small businesses to large multinational corporations, Manny’s diverse work with varied industries and years of professional experience enables him to produce immense outcomes and results for his client's businesses and their product/s. 

Manny has travelled to Hong Kong, China and Europe to consult with his clients so he can better understand his client's needs and be present to attend meetings with manufacturers, supplies and ensure high quality product control is being met.  atitend 

Ready To See Where We Can Take Your Product or Business? 

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If you're ready to start or take the next step with your product development and need consulting, we would love to hear from you. Head on over to our contact us page here or call us on (02) 8004 5038.

Claim Your Free Consultation, Tailored To Your Business.

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