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A client with years of experience in the automotive racing industry, came up with a concept that would allow motor enthusiasts to fit custom engines into cars.

To meet Australian automotive standards an engineering report is required for compliance purposes. This is used to obtain an engineering certification and is submitted to the NSW RMS. We outlined and supplied the required report and the K-Member bar passed all of its statutory requirements.



We needed to validate the design and ensure that the product passed the stringent certification standards necessary. Was the invention safe for customers to install and manufacture? Our role was two-fold. Innovation to create a tool that would go to market and the precision and rigor to test its viability and safety for the customer.


We designed the test program of simulations to validate the K-Member's compliance. We carried out engineering testing for proof of concept. We also physically tested the prototype before making the final product.


The final product was certified and the K-Member was manufactured as per the inventor's specification.

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