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Denzel Needle Cover

Ray Sharpe, realised that something needed to be done to better safeguard surgical needles.

Denzel is a needle cover designed to reduce the possibility of the user harming themselves before or after the use of a needle. The product design includes a cover that is removable from the side and pivoted down before using the needle, preventing the users from pulling the protective cap from the top position. This allows the cover to be placed back on the needle, reducing the chances of harm from a "needle stick" injury.


Design validation was required if the user's requirement was to be met. This had to be achieved while passing a certification and earning a patent while still being able to be manufactured at an affordable price.


We had to carry out large amounts of standards research, attend numerous meetings with Patent lawyers to discuss design idea and apply scalability considerations and a manufacturing assessment to the final design.

The product was designed, prototyped and tested to meet requirements.

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