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Let us help you get business results with our services.

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Product Engineering Services We Offer

At Inventor, we understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to product and business development. That's why we tailor our processes to suit your specific needs. Whether you've just got an idea, or a functional prototype ready to go to market, we'll tailor a solution just for you.

In just over three years, we've completed over 70 jobs. We've found that we have our greatest success when we fuse all three elements of our services. We love working with our clients from start to finish. Yet we understand that you may not need every service we offer.

You can utilise just one of our services or all of them. We're flexible so that we can suit your needs as accurately as possible.


Research & Design

It all begins with a free, no-obligation consultation with us. 

We hear your ideas, ask questions and brainstorm. We work with you to understand what you want to do and how we can get you there. We'll get on the same page as you, and create a plan of attack for the project. 

Throughout the process, we'll ensure that your product ideas are aligned with your business goals. 

Our clinical approach to market research will give you a clear picture of who you're up against and how you can get a step ahead of the competition. Our intuitive design thinking strategies will put your product idea on the fast track to commercial success.

The goal for us is for you to have a crystal clear idea of your product concept and the market you're entering. Once you have a strong conviction that the product will be commercially successful, we'll start turning the idea into a reality through product engineering and development.


Every design project we take on is led by a team of highly experienced product managers. Our sole priority for every project is to help you achieve all of your desired outcomes. 

We adapt our processes and approach to give you exactly what you need. Our dynamic work-style sets us apart from the field. 

We're not stuck in the rut of traditional processes. We're constantly adapting, integrating new processes and exploring projects from new perspectives, to give you exactly what you need. 

Our engineering team is addicted to solving problems. We love the development phase. We're constantly trying out new processes, looking at the concept from different angles and overcoming hurdles to develop a superior product for you. 

We build prototypes, test them and get feedback from our target markets. And if we need to, we'll go back to the drawing board to develop a new prototype. Too often we see businesses get attached to a specific concept, which stops them from developing the best possible product.

That's not what we do. Our loyalty is with you, the client, not our prototypes. 

Even if you've already got an existing product, we can work with you to improve the design and hone in on your target market. Our professional experience will be invaluable in developing your concepts and transforming your dreams into reality.

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Product Manufacturing

Once all the hard work of product development is complete, it is important that you are not left to manufacture your product alone. Inventor has contacts in several factories from multiple countries and will be able to assist you in finding a great deal for manufacturing your creation.


Inventor has a long history dealing with factories specialising in the manufacture of metal, plastic, wood, electronics, industrial machinery and even fabrics. This gives us great bargaining power for reduced prices, reduced minimum order quantities (MOQs) and reduced initial setup costs. 


Our manufacturing management services will make sure that your product is manufactured to the highest standard for the best price, and we can provide Quality Control services for your initial and subsequent production runs to ensure key components of your product are made accurately.

Claim Your Free Consultation, Tailored To Your Business.

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