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Bondi Bar

Our product inventors have facilitated the creation of a bench that sits atop of balcony railings. A number of different clamp designs have been considered and tested for dissimilar types of balcony rails.​​


Our client is an industrial electrician who was frustrated at not having enough room to put his drinks on his balcony while entertaining his friends. He had an idea for a solution and came to us to develop it.


Check standards, take up 5-20 kgs, no structural pressure on the balcony, universal for balconies. We assessed which factories could manufacture the product. This required a trip to China to oversee the setup of the manufacturing process and the conducting of quality control of the sample product.


Bondi Bar allows owners to place drink, use plates and entertain on their balcony. The bench is not to be used for sitting or placing heavy objects on it but it is made for the Australian lifestyle.


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