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CladMate holds and supports weatherboards so you can install them by yourself! The patented designed CladMate clamps to Scyon Linea weatherboards, working as a pair, to hold and support the next board for fixing. It acts as your second set of hands to securely support heavy full-length weatherboards, minimising installation time and producing excellent results board after board.

  • Fast - Allows you to install weatherboards by yourself, at 2 times the speed. No more chalking lines

  • Easy - A simple and seamless 2 step process. Insert and Engage. No thinking required!

  • Durable - Made from high-grade steel & aluminium, built for the toughest tradie

  • Adjustable - Easily adjusts for 150mm and 180mm widths.

Find out more about this creative idea here:

Cladmate 2
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