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Juca Cotz 2
Juca Cotz 3


The JUCA cot prevents lower back injuries caused when lifting babies out of a cot. The JUCA cot lift will move the baby to a higher and therefore safer position to enable the carer to lift the baby out of the cot safely.

Inventor's product manufacturing team redesigned the Juca Cot’s construction in order to produce a prototype. Computer Aided Design (CAD) files were composed with 3D drawings for the final prototype. The lifting device has been built to comply with Australian standards, rigorously tested at Inventor prior to being sent off to the Certifier.

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"Justin and I were frustrated by the statistic that 71% of women experience pregnancy related lower back pain...Together we wanted to remove the sense of dread that came from watching a sleeping child, knowing the pain to come when they awoke and needed picking up, and replace it with a sense of wonder and connection." - JUCA Cotz Founders

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