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Debbie was always going about town. She loved walking freely down the beautiful streets of North Sydney.


She hated having to carry around a purse everywhere. It weighed down on her shoulder and hips, making her strides feel unbalanced. She had a lot of different items that she wanted to take with her on her walks, and they would all add weight to the purse, making it unruly and annoying to carry. Lipstick, chapstick, keys, cards, pens - it all added to the discomfort.


For a long while, she looked for an alternative, but couldn’t find the right product. That is when she decided to do it herself.


Debbie liked the sling straps that existed in the market but felt that none of them was right for her. They were all dark colours and targeted to a very different audience - mostly festival attending weight lifters. Bum bags and sling straps had been co-opted by a demographic she didn't alight with. And she was ready for the reclamation, ready to make a call to arms and take back the sling strap as a stylised component of the streetwear of every self-respecting mom.


Taking an existing product and revolutionising its design in a way that gives it a special market appeal is no easy task. There are many different products on the market. The importance is identifying how you can differ from them. With Debbie, she wanted pockets specific for storage of different items. The intention was to design a series of different sizes of pockets catered to the type of products people frequently carry around.


The final design did exactly this. It had a pocket specifically designed for storing a credit card, another for keys, another for your phone. People could easily use their strap to store all their accessories safely. They didn’t have to worry about lugging around anything extra, it all fit.


It was colourful and lively, a strap that reflected an entirely different target demographic. The colour scheme was an integral part of the design. The colours were intended to reflect the beach-loving vibe that Debbie had aimed for. Because the sling strap had been co-opted and subsequently catered for an entirely different demographic it was imperative that the design altered its perceived utility and appeal.


When the design was done the strap sat comfortably across the chest and had the capacity to carry all the different products Debbie wanted in it. A major success!

Runners need mobility and freedom while being active, but face the difficulty of finding a foolproof way to hold items that does not affect the entire range of your body’s motion effectively. This is where out product development team stepped in...


The Slingstrap functions like a traditional belt to wear whilst running that can carry an individual’s wallet, phone, keys and other small essential items.


The belt is waterproof, flexible, washable, does not fall down and is comfortable to wear whilst running.

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