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What We Do

At Inventor, we understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to product and business development. That's why we tailor our processes to suit your specific needs. Whether you've just got an idea, or a functional prototype ready to go to market, we'll tailor a solution just for you.

In just over three years, we've completed over 70 jobs. We've found that we have our greatest success when we fuse all three elements of our services. We love working with our clients from start to finish. Yet we understand that you may not need every service we offer.

You can utilise just one of our services, or all of them. We're flexible, so that we can suit your needs as accurately as possible.

Research & Design

We build upon your ideas and explore their potential through extensive market research


We prototype, test and re-evaluate your product to ensure we develop the best possible solution for you

Product Marketing

We lay the foundations for the commercialisation of your product, including developing your business model and marketing strategy.

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