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Juca Cotz

Justin was a successful physiotherapist. His specialty was assisting new mothers and mothers in training with back pains. Pregnancy is no easy task. And carrying a child around can cause severe back pain. After birth, hormonal changes and the loss of the extra load can throw women’s backs out quite easily.

In fact, in Australia 31% of women give birth via a caesarian section birth and these cuts to the abdominal greatly weakens the ability to support your back. Furthermore 30% of women that had experienced a caesarian birth could not bend over and lift up their baby without risking their wound re-opening.  Justin had many years of experience helping women with these issues, and he had conceived an idea to ameliorate some of these painful experiences.

His idea was quite simple. But in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci “simple is the ultimate sophistication”. It was easy conceptually, and enormously helpful to the people it was marketed for.

The idea was to have a cot that would raise and lower the baby to the mother or father. With an electronic track the bed would sink into the protective railing when the baby was going to sleep, and raise up when the parents wanted to grab the child. This meant that mothers would no longer have to bend over and stress their backs lifting the child. This motion, of bending over to retrieve a child from a cot cannot be performed with proper lifting form. The bending of the back strains it, and excessive pain can incur. The cot also helped shorter people reach their children without over extending themselves.

Justin had a brilliant idea with clear market appeal and utility. He approached us to get help making it come to fruition. Previously, he had struggled to get a proper prototype produced through other avenues. He had a prototype built but it didn’t function the way it was supposed to, and when he brought it to Australia it couldn’t pass the safety and functionality testing.  

At Inventor we worked tirelessly with Justin to design and build his electronic cot. There were a number of things to consider, and it was difficult to build the mechanism. The integration of smart design and functionality was toyed with. The electricals had to be concealed and the frame had to be light and moveable.

One of the problems Justin was struggling with was finding a quality manufacturer that would be reliable. He had used certain people for his original failed prototype, and needed to be certain to not make that same mistake. We, here at inventor, help Justin located trustworthy manufacturers that could produce his cot for an affordable rate.

Working with Justin we at Inventor eventually found a satisfactory product. An electronically operated cot that’s bed would raise at the click of a button, and help parents retrieve their babies without having to bend over and strain their backs. We put him into contact with trusted manufacturers and assisted him in setting up his business.

The product still has not been brought to market, it is a project still in its infancy. Admittedly, here at Inventor we are all exuberant about the Juca Cotz. Just on pre-release the cot has already placed in the top 20 for the Smartest 100 new designs  in Anthill Magazine.

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