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Our product engineering team is addicted to solving problems. We're not stuck in the rut of traditional processes. We're constantly adapting, integrating new processes and exploring projects from new perspectives, to give you exactly what you need. Our process involves prototyping, testing prototypes and getting feedback from our target markets. 

Discover our full engineering process below.


We utilise state of the art modelling software, including Solidworks and Rhino 3D CAD Design Software, to custom build your product from scratch. This allows as to tweak and adjust your design as you see fit.

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Alongside our software engineering, we develop physical prototypes to evaluate any changes that may need to be made. We ensure our prototype has the design, aesthetic and functional elements that you need.

Design Finalisation

We understand that there will be adjustments that need to be made; whether they’re size changes, tolerance adjustments or design flaws. We’ll only ever settle on a design and tie all of the processes together once you’re completely satisfied with the prototype.



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